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ASP.NET:An Integrated Approach

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ASP.NET:An Integrated Approach
ASP.NET: An Integrated Approach
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ISBN(13): 9781932504101
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ASP.NET: An Integrated Approach

This book presents the complex topic of ASP.NET programming using a real-world scenario that includes:

Configuring your development environment
Using multiple virtual machines for development and testing
Creating databases with MS SQL Management Studio Database Designer tool
Exporting database scripts
Running database scripts from batch files
Multilayered Application Architecture
Creating complex Visual Studio Solutions
Building .dlls with Visual Studio
Guide to Web project artifacts
Creating Value Objects (VOs)
Creating Data Access Objects (DAOs)
Creating complex DAOs
Creating Business Objects (BOs)
Using transactions in Business Objects
Testing Web application with Visual Studio's debugger
Deploying Web application with IIS 7
Deploying Web Application on multiple tiers
Configuring IIS7 on Windows Server 2008 R2
Creating Web Forms applications
Creating custom controls
Using delegates in custom controls
How to edit directly in GridView controls
Using Master Pages to control application look-and-feel
Using Themes and CSS to control look-and-feel
Integrating Model-View-Controller with Web Forms Application
Creating custom HTTP Handlers and Modules
How to use FxCop to improve your code
and much, much more

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