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C# For Artists, 1st Edition

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C# For Artists:
The Art, Philosophy, and Science of Object-Oriented Programming
First Edition

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ISBN(10): 1-932504-07-9 ISBN(13): 978-1932504-071

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  • Supercharge your creative energy by recognizing and utilizing the power of the "flow"
  • Learn a development cycle you can actually use at work
  • Comprehensive programming project walk-through shows you how to apply the development cycle
  • Project Approach Strategy helps you maintain programming project momentum
  • C# Student Survival Guide helps you tackle any project thrown at you
  • Apply real world programming techniques to produce professional code
  • In-depth coverage of arrays eliminates their mystery
  • Create complex GUIs using System.Windows.Forms components
  • Learn the secrets of thread programming to create multithreaded applications
  • Master the complexities of generic collections and learn how to create generic methods
  • Discover three object-oriented design principles that will greatly improve your software architectures
  • Learn how to design with inheritance and composition to create flexible and reliable software
  • Create well-behaved objects that can be used predictably and reliably in C# .Net applications
  • Learn how to use MSBuild to manage large programming projects
  • Create multitiered database applications with the help of Microsoft's Enterprise Library
  • Master the use of the singleton, factory, model-view-controller, and command software design patterns
  • Reinforce your learning with the help of chapter learning objectives, skill-building exercises, suggested projects, and self-test questions
  • Packed with numerous tables, lots of pictures, and tons of code examples - over 7500 lines of code
  • All code examples were compiled, executed, and tested before being used in the book to ensure quality
    And much, much, more...!

C# For Artists also shows you how to...

  • Build network applications using sockets and .NET remoting
  • Use database scripts to better control database development projects
  • Build a multitiered database application using Data Access Objects (DAOs), Business Objects (BOs), and .NET remoting
  • Build a .NET remoting client application with a rich GUI interface that employs layouts and DataGridView components that interact with database server applications
  • Use Microsoft Build (MSBuild) to automatically control and build complex .NET applications
  • Use a Microsoft Enterprise Library Data Access Application Block (DAAB) Database object to automatically manage database connections and connection pooling
  • Create and use configuration files to configure .NET remoting and database applications


  • Learn Unified Modeling Language (UML) class and sequence diagram terminology
  • Learn to create custom events with delegates


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